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About Us

Like wine?  Like Beer ? Always wanted to learn how to make it? Look no further!

Whether you are a first time wine maker/beer brewer or make them on a regular basis stop by Wine Beginnings.  Let them teach and assist you to make your own wine/beer for yourself, significant other or for a great gift.  We offer free classes on how to make wine & beer and have everything you need to make it.  Once you purchase our wine or beer starter kits ($89.95 to $129.95), you will only need to buy a wine kit for every 30 bottles of wine you would like to make or a beer kit for every 50 bottles.   This is one affordable way to make your own wine or beer.  Not only are wine kits affordable but they have minimal sulfates.  Sulfates, which are the chemicals used to preserve wine found in most stores, are the guilty culprits for the infamous wine headaches.  Avoid paying for overpriced wine found in stores, the terrible wine headaches and have fun making your own affordable wine with Wine Beginnings.  Specialty beer kits are great & there are many options to making your own beer at Wine Beginnings.

Help us help you make wine, Superior Wisconsin

How to make wine:

  1. Attend a FREE wine making class at Wine Beginnings.
  2. Purchase a “starter kit” and “wine kit.”
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions found in each wine kit.
  4. Enjoy your favorite wine or perhaps give as gifts.

We have everything a person needs to make wine whether you are making it from your own fresh fruit or want to purchase a kit or a can of concentrate we have it all.  We have the chemicals and all the equipment needed.  We have grommets, fermenters, carboys glass & food grade plastic, corkers, corks, funnels, spigots, brushes, airlocks, stoppers, fruit bags, vino meters  and much more.

The wine kits range from $69.95 to $179.95, cans of concentrates range from $21.95 to $35.00.   Each wine kit makes 30 bottles and the cans make 25.

To learn more about our free classes on how to make wine, click here!

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  1. Trish permalink
    December 21, 2014 1:16 pm

    Do you send out catalog’s?

    • May 2, 2015 11:45 am

      I can send you some information if you would like, just email us your address with something in the header as a lot goes to our spam of which we do check

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