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Customer Tips:

  • Watch your fermenter’s for hair line cracks as you could end up with leakage !  (They do need to be replaced after some time)
  •  I have found the easiest way to remove any excess glue from your lables is using SOS pads !  EASY ! 
  •  Keep a spray bottle of sanitizing solution (handy to use when sanitizing only your hydrometer).   
  • Use the extra wine sediment for a beef roast in the crock pot.  Pork roast works also. 
  • If you use 2 packages of yeast in your wine, it shortens the processing time.
  • When bottling, use 4 smaller bottles to use as tasters, so that you don’t open a regular size bottle if the wine isn’t finished aging.
  • Bottle a couple larger bottles for wedding gifts or dinner parties.
  • Use a different color foil cap for the different years you make wine:
    • Example:
      • 2010-Red foil cap
      • 2009-Black foil cap

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